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UP! Mini 2
Engineer or Educator, the UP! Mini 2 achieves your goals at an unbelievable price. Secured WiFi, Blackout Recovery, UP! Studio & UP! Studio App are all there to make printing easy.
Rent from $13.71pw*
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Build Platform 120mm width, 120mm depth, 120mm height
Smart Support Intelligent snap off support material, printed in the same material, printed at a lower density and built automatically by the included 3D print software
Auto calibration Yes the UP! Mini 2 features Automatic Nozzle Height, Software-Assisted
Raftless printing Yes
Layer Resolution 150 microns (Z-axis)
Print speed 3-30mm3/sec
Dimension 255mm width, 365mm depth, 385mm height
Weight 8kg
Power input 110-220VAC, 50-60Hz, 220W
Connectivity USB & WiFi
Consumables 1.75mm filament (ABS, ABS+, PLA, PLA Composites, Conductive, Wood, Bronze, Flexible, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Carbon Fiber, PET, ASA and more)
Warranty 12 month return to base
Software STL 3D layout and printing software included free: Windows (XP,Vista,7,8 & 10) 32/64 bit and MAC OSX 10.7 Beta
Unboxing time to print 15 minutes
Filament Spool Capacity 500 grams
  • 500g spool of 1.75mm tough ABS filament plastic formulated with a very low odour. (1 roll included) Third-party spools can also be used.
Everything you need is in the box, ready for you to start turning your ideas into real parts. You don't require any extras. We even give you a free roll of white ABS plastic filament included with your new 3D Printer.
  • UP! Mini 2
  • One free 500g spool of 1.75mm tough ABS white plastic filament
  • UP! Filament external spool holder
  • 2 x UP!Perfboard; 2 x UP! Flexboard
  • Calibration Card
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Bed Scraper / Spatula
  • Nozzle Wrench & 0.4mm Nozzle
  • 3 x 50g sample filaments in various materials
  • Filament Cutter
  • Heat Resistant Gloves
  • USB Cable
  • Selection of tools to maintain and self service the printer
Visual 3D Print Software and drivers
The included Smart 3D Print software included with your UP! Mini 2 ES is very easy to use. It automatically calculates the required support material for the most demanding 3D models. Just load any STL file (Just about every 3D CAD modelling software can export to STL). It doesn't matter how complex your 3D model is, it will churn through the 3D model at lightning speeds and then start printing it out.
  • Scale, Rotate, Move & Print
  • Supported File Types: STL
  • Extrusion temperatures 260 and 200 degrees
  • Print Preview with material usage and time estimates
  • Automatic placement
  • Repeat last print
  • Rotate, Resize, Scale, Move 3D object
  • Select layer thickness
  • Select print speed vs. quality
  • Variable fill of models with honeycomb fill.
  • Fine to large honeycomb mesh
  • Smart Support
  • Automatic Support material angles, 10 to 80 degrees
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