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Choosing the Right Machine

How important is Toner Cost and Yeld?

Multifunction 1: Kyocera M6230cidn Colour A4 Multifunction
 ~  $760.00. 
Toner Value in Machine = ~$438.81, Machine Value = ~$321.19
Cost based on yield:  Black Toner @ 2.78cents per page & Colour Toner @ 4.55cents per page
Multifunction 2: Kyocera M5526cdn Colour A4 Multifunction  ~  $552.00. 
Toner Value in Machine = ~$285.55, Machine Value = ~$266.45
Cost based on yield:  Black Toner @ 3.2cents per page & Colour Toner @ 6.3cents per page
If a 100,000 page print job is completed; 50,000 mono prints & an additional 50,000 colour prints @ 5% average coverage:

Multifunction 1: Machine Cost @ ~$760.00, Toner Cost @ ~$2,518.30    =   Total Device Cost ~$3,278.30
Multifunction 2: 
Machine Cost @ ~$552.00, Toner Cost @ ~$3,499.21    =   Total Device Cost ~$4,051.21

In the above instance, by spending an additional $208.05 upfront to purchase the M6230cidn, a saving of $772.86 can be made over the 100,000 page print job. This equates to a reduction of $564.81 by going for the more capable device.

Machine rightsizing is more important than first meets the eye, so contact us below or give Tonershop a call on 07 3255 9800 to discuss your needs and let us help you find a device that is best for you!


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